It has been 150 years since the Ancients returned and threw back the brutal invasion of demons and barbarians from the north. It has been a time of peace and rebuilding. The strong hands of the ancients protect us and the Church of Solaris guides us.

You all have grown up in the small town of Melny. Melny is a quiet town, far away from any important trade routes or big cities. This relative isolation has kept the pace of life slow and secure. The only conflicts Melny has had to deal with recently have usually been caused by five young men all born within a week of each other. Not a baked good set out to cool is safe, young women (and some older) are quick with a slap followed by a blush when a usually nimble young man seems to stumble into them. The inn’s ale barrels have had a bad couple of years of ending up leaking out large amounts of drink overnight. Still its quite rude for you fine gentlemen to be refered to as “the Scourge of Town”, even if it is said more out of exasperation than malice.

You have all reached your majority, and your futures will be decided tomorrow. The whole town seems to have bets going on over what proffessions Mayor Sandon will choose for you. There has also been some lobbying from a few of the craftsmen and farmers who either have an eye on one of you or are just desperate for help. Mayor Sandon seems to be enjoying himself way too much in keeping his own council just to tweak the noses of everyone in town. Most have a pretty good idea where they will end up after the Awakening festival, but the bets are running wild with you five. Never has the town had so many all entering adulthood at the same festival. The only person not caught up in the festivities is Bishop Chaucer. He has been the bane of your collective childhood. While the town has never had so many almost the exact same age, the have also never seen children spending as much time in penance at the chapel. You all have had so much “extra instruction” some days you swear you can taste the Book of Light. The only thing that you could think of that might have set him against you as much as he seems to be, is the fact you all come from the few surviving original families of the town. Sometimes legends of the fall that are handed down through families differ from the Chronicles of the Fall, of which every child learns during their years of Guidance. This disparity of history is one of the Bishop’s pet peeves and he devotes at least one sermon a month to the “approved” history of the invasion and fall. Despite this, your families are all good Followers of the Light, and respect the perfection of the Ancients and their rule. Also, the Bishop’s power is second only to the mayor, and possibly surpasses that in some areas.


Keep this back story info in mind, if you need some modification to it let me know and we can work it out.

don’t worry about starting gold or equipment.

characters with spells except clerics can expect some prejudice and possible official hostility in most populated areas of

Mareth. This may prove more difficult for wizards as buying spells and reagents can be difficult.

point buy w/ 20 pts, chart on pg 16 phb

Phb races approved except half-orc, other need approval.

all classes, non-phb run by me to make sure.

Hero Points:

start with 1

can be used BEFORE roll for a non-crit 20 on any check

can be used on a before a death roll to auto-stabilize with 0 hp

can be used to change initiative for one round

can give 1 standard action at any time


-1 through -con score = roll d20 every turn on your initiative dc10. success=no change, failure 3 times is DED. roll a 20

and you are stable at 0 hp

ongoing damage continues through unconsciousness

any healing brings character to 1hp and they are prone.

DC 10/15/20 heal check gives +2 death roll/stabilize with no hp change/stabilize at 0hp

take more than half your max hp in damage through a single attack or spell and you are knocked unconscious.

Verse 2

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